about befit 360


BeFit is the leading Fitness entity in Egypt, which aims at offering premium Health & Fitness Services to both Professional Athletes and the general public. 

BeFit is not only about delivering a perfect workout session, but also offering transformative experiences that change the style and structure of our clients’ day to day lives.


Our programs are formulated to cover all aspects of physical fitness including strength, endurance, power, speed & agility using functional training to maximize the benefits of the workout.

In 2014, our signature six-weeks BeFit Transformation Challenge was first held, taking Cairo by storm as soon as the results started going viral! 


We have now grown to be one of Egypt's top Fitness Entities; running nine high-facility arenas and offering more than 10 types of classes with more than 300 sessions per month.

BeFit was founded in May 2013 by the Egyptian athlete Aly Mazhar,

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