BeastFit FAQs

What is BeastFit? 


BeastFit is a one day Fitness Challenge held exclusively for BeFitters.

Athletes compete against each other by completing a set of heats that test different physical abilities.


Every Athlete is judged by a BeFit Coach who keeps track of the score and ensures reps are done correctly.



How will BeastFit help you? 


You do not have to be the fittest to join, this is only a way for you to compare yourself to your peers.

You will be able to find out your weaknesses and tackle them. The Challenge will be held every 6-8 weeks to re-rank the Athletes.This will enable you to track your improvement and how effectively you've been training compared to your peers and previous your previous ranking.



Are there different difficulty levels? 


Yes there are. To ensure fairness in the competition and scoring process, Athletes will be divided into two groups





Each group consists of two stages; Qualifications Round, and Finals Round where only top scorers will be qualified for it.


The Challenge is programmed differently for boys and girls.




When is the next BeastFit Challenge?



Once the date is confirmed, it'll be communicated through our social media accounts and direct e-mails to our BeFit database.