Where are you located?

1. Club 7, Victory College, Maadi

2. Palm Hills Club, 6th of October City

3. Katameya Hills Compound, Road 90

4. SwanLake, New Cairo

How do I start?


Show up! Check out our schedules and drop-in in any of our sessions.

Choose the package that is most convenient for you or e-mail us at with any further questions or requests.



What kind of classes do you offer?


We offer a wide range of classes that vary in difficulty and intensity. Our classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Athletes.


Who can attend?


Anyone! If you’re older than 14 years of age then you can attend our classes; a KidsFit class is offered for children of ages 6-14.

For your own safety, we ask that you attend classes that are only suitable for your fitness level, which can be recommended by any of our Coaches.

BeFit classes are color coded for Athletic level reference as shown below:


Blue: Beginners

Green: Intermediate

Orange: All Fitness Levels

Red/ Black: Advanced



What packages do you offer and how do they work?

  • Single Session 100 LE

  • 10 Sessions: LE 850

  • 30 Sessions: LE 2,300

  • 50 Sessions LE 3,500

  • 100 Sessions: LE 6,000


* Packages DO NOT expire

* Packages are shareable

* Packages are non-refundable


Where can I find the schedule of classes?

Club 7 Maadi Arena

Palm Hills Club Arena

Katameya Hills Arena

SwanLake Arena


Do you have private trainers?


Yes we do! All you need to know is here 


What packages do you offeR FOR PERSONAL TRAINING and how do they work?

- 10 sessions: L.E 2,500

- 20 sessions: L.E 4,000


Do you have ladies only classes?


'For Her' is a ladies only class offered at Katameya Hills Arena with Coach Amira Belcua, Maadi Club 7 Arena with Coach Malak El Ayouty and at Palm Hills Club with Coach Rowana El Badry.


How can I contact you?


Contact Us Tab


Instagram: BeFit 360

Facebook: BeFit Egypt