7 Signs You're a BeFit Addict

Scoop Empire, April 2015


Once you start working out at BeFit, there’s no turning back. The magnificence of natural endorphins that take over your mind and body pushes you to get up and go work out almost every day. If, for any reason, something comes up and you can’t make it to the session, you feel like you missed out on the most important appointment in the world – and that’s GOOD!

Faces Who Have Changed the Fitness Game in Egypt: Aly Mazhar

Scoop Empire, January 2015


A new year upon us, and with it comes our annual pledges to make healthier choices. Whether it’s replacing smoking with spinning, opting to run on Friday mornings instead of staying out all night Thursday, or snacking on Bake Stix instead of binging on ice cream, we can always do more to limit self-destructive habits.

In honor of these health-conscious resolutions, we’re highlighting inspiring personalities who have changed the fitness game in Egypt.


As the head coach and founder of BeFit Egypt, Aly Mazhar has taken the idea of transformation to new heights.

Why Aly Mazhar is the Official Face of Fitness in Egypt

Scoop Empire, October 2014


Founder and Head Coach of BeFit Aly Mazhar is everywhere health and fitness related these days.

The first episode of his web series ElCoach was released by Tayarah this week, giving you a glimpse of his day-to-day life with BeFit, from the fitness classes to the challenges.

Aly Mazhar Helps Egypt BeFit

What Women Want Magazine, September 2014


Egypt has been witnessing a surge of new entrepreneurs recently. While they are all special, some of them head for unchartered territories. And this makes them even more noticeable. Aly Mazhar started BeFit Egypt, a company dedicated to offering fitness services. Aly’s work is not only about BeFit Egypt, though. Recently, he collaborated with Injaz on a run in Kattameya. The run raised 30,000 EGP! We sat down with Aly to discuss fitness, entrepreneur- ship and his experience with both. 

BeFit with Jabra

Cairo Scene, August 2014


Teaming up with the BeFit crew, Jabra is providing the soundtrack to a healthy summer up in Sahel. Find out how you can nab yourself some discount vouchers so the music doesn't stop when you come back to Cairo...    

Fitness First: Staying Healthy During the Wholy Month

Enigma Magazine, July 2014


Even the most health conscious of us find it difficult to incorporate any extra physical activity during Ramadan because of how exhausting it can be. We’re here to tell you that it can be done with a little bit of determination and planning. 

eniGma talked to Aly Mazhar, founder of BeFit Egypt, about the benefits of exercising and staying fit in Ramadan.    

Ten Questions for Aly Mazhar of BeFit Egypt

Cairo Gossip, July 2014


Ex-professional footballer, former investment banker, Rutgers University alumni and founder ofBeFit; Aly Mazhar’s CV is pretty unique. The latter of his achievements has taken Cairo by storm, providing information, support and programs for Egypt’s health conscious.

We sat down with Mazhar to talk about BeFit, my personal body image issues and wildlife.

7Ayam Featuring First Season of BeFit Transformation

7 Ayam, March 2



Basics of Nutrition

Identity Magazine, October 2013


Inorder to achieve the maximum benefits of your training program, a proper nutrition plan is a must. We have all heard the famous saying that the results are based 70% on your diet and 30% on your workout. To clarify diet does not mean starvation or deprivation of food.