Transformation Challenge FAQs

How is the Challenge different from regular BeFit classes?


The classes we offer are the same, and most of the time you will find many athletes that are not part of the challenge at the sessions, but where the Transformation Challenge is different is that it encourages you to set yourself a target for 6 weeks and see it through.


Athletes register and take their body measurements at the beginning, track their progress throughout the 6 weeks, submit their new body measurements at the end, and attend the closing ceremony where we award the top three participants with winning prizes.

How do I register for the Challenge?


When registration for the Challenge is opened, fill in the application form online and make sure to type in a valid e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail with instructions on how to proceed with completing your registration process.

Once registration is completed, a Welcome Pack will be sent out.



When and how should I expect to receive my Welcome Pack?


Welcome Packs are sent to our participants through e-mail within 10 days from the date of in-body composition measurement completion.



What does the registration package include?


   - Welcome Pack introducing the Challenge, classes, Coaches, and instructions on how to track your progress.

   - Customized Nutrition Plan according to your personal in-body measurements.

   - General Nutrition Guide to help you better understand the effect the food you eat have on your body.

   - BeFit access card; which you can use to enter the sessions in Katameya Heights or Maadi Arena.

   - Transformation Challenge schedule of classes.



How are the winners chosen?


Winning the BeFit Transformation Challenge comes down to: 


   - Your before and after body composition measurements

   - Your fitness level improvement

   - Voting process run through your peers of the challenge

   - Final Coaches' voting process, which includes but not limited to: commitment, attitude, hard-work, and team spirit.



Can I pick any class from the schedule and attend it?


For the safety of our participants and injury prevention, our classes have been color coded according to the level of difficulty and intensity:


Blue: Beginner





Most of the Transformation Challenge participants will be allowed access to any beginner and/or general level classes only. Exceptions to attend any intermediate or advanced class must be validated from a BeFit Coach.


We take extreme measures when it comes to health and safety and in programming the classes to develop and perfect your from and technique. This will allow you to safely progress to more advanced classes once you complete the Transformation Challenge.



Do the sessions expire?


Yes, Transformation Challenge packages do expire at the end of the challenge.We take this as a motivation for you to define a target within a specific amount of time and achieve it!

Aim to attend all your sessions within the six weeks of the challenge to attain your best possible results.



What happens if I finish my package before Challenge ends?


Not a problem, you can purchase another BeFit Card or drop-in for single sessions.



If my Challenge package ends, can I use my regular previously purchased BeFit card?


Yes you can continue to enter the Challenge sessions with a previously purchased BeFit card.