• Pay-as-you-go.

  • All training schedules at hand.

  • Get notified about new classes.

  • Receive updates.

  • Share your points package.

  • Send session invites.



Training to the last ‘point’ is our new thing!


Providing you with a revolutionary payment scheme, one the industry has never witnessed before, where every pound you pay can be redeemed for any type of service we provide.


All our services are reflected in a points-based system on our ‘BeFit 360’ application, giving you full flexibility and making everything within your hands.

What is the BeFit wallet?

Well, consider this your BeFit savings account that will enable you to use any amount you pay freely.

How will it work?

If you are a current user; all you need is to update your ‘BeFit 360’ app and your sessions will automatically be reflected on your profile as points. If you are a new user; download our ‘BeFit 360’ app, create a free account, and choose the credit points package you prefer.

How will I use my points?

  • Joining our group training sessions? Simply visit any of our arenas, and our front desk admin will assist you.
  • Want to use your points to sign-up for a nutrition program, an online training program, a personal training program or even join our camp? email us on

How will I benefit from it?

Your points aka ‘money spent’ will never expire, can always be shared with family and friends, and can be used across all BeFit facilities.

How is that different than the old payment system?

You are no longer buying packages, you are buying points, and you can freely use those points for different kinds of services.

Let’s say you bought 20 points, you used three to attend any of our group training sessions, the remaining 17 points in your balance can be used for any other program you wish to join. You basically get to train to the last ‘point’!

Can I also send and receive points?

YES! From now on you will be sending points and not sessions. Which means, if the session = 1 point, then you will be using that point to attend the session.

Can I use my points to sign up for any program/service?

YES! That’s why we created it in the first place. You can use your points to sign-up for Functional Training, Personal Training, Camps, Nutrition…etc.

How can I track everything I signed up for?

We’ve also thought about that and made things easier for you! You can always track your transactions history, know when you send/receive points, and always keep an eye on your account’s purchases.

10 Points
1,500 EGP
30 Points
3,900 EGP
50 Points
6,000 EGP
150 Points
15,000 EGP
300 Points
 26,000 EGP
1000 Points
 75,000 EGP

Our credit points packages DO NOT expire, are non-refundable, can be shared with family and friends, and can be used across locations.