12 days of comprehensive education aimed towards anyone looking for a professional career within; health, fitness, and sports performance.

Bringing Scandinavia’s top personal trainer education to Egypt, in collaboration with the Academy for Personal Training (AFPT) in Norway.

Earn your degree and become internationally certified!




Founder of Scandinavian Health & Performance in Dubai and former medical team consultant for Chelsea FC and Leeds Utd. He has 15 years of work with people from all walks of life from medical rehabilitation to elite athletes.


Holds a doctor of naprapathy degree from the Scandinavian College of Manual Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden along with over 40 different courses and workshops in the field of personal training, manual medicine and rehabilitation.



Founder and managing director of the largest personal training academy in Norway since 2005.


Arntzen, a doctor of naprapathy and has over 20 years worth of educating therapists and personal trainers at the highest international standards and is one of few fitness pioneers in the Scandinavian fitness market.


Arntzen is highly accredited with continuing education making him one of the most sought after presenters in Scandinavia.

What does this diploma offer?

  • 12 days of intensive theoretical and practical application.
  • Comprehensive material to kickstart your fitness career.
  • Access to online course material.
  • Continuous access to AFPT Academy website post-graduation.
  • Internationally recognized certification.
  • On-going support.
  • Professional and trusted experience.

Why choose our Personal Trainer diploma?

  • Passionate about health, fitness and self-development.
  • Compassionate and want to help others improve their lives and reach their goals.
  • Interested in the human body and how to use exercise and lifestyle changes to maximize potential.
  • Looking for a career within the health and fitness industry.

What are the diploma fees?

35,000 EGP to be paid on 3 installments.

What is The Academy for Personal Training (AFPT)?

The Academy for Personal Training is one of Scandinavia’s top personal trainer education. AFPT has been delivering world class health & fitness education in Scandinavia for over 15 years, with a teaching team of over 30 highly qualified professionals, and over 5000 educated trainers to date.

"The Diploma is by far the best educational experience I’ve encountered. Not only is the content itself detailed and inclusive, but also the learning and teaching experience was unmatched,“ Yousef Soudan.

Can this certificate help me start my fitness career?

The Diploma will provide you with everything you need to learn to get started with your fitness career. You will learn all about; anatomy, injuries, muscle functions, nutrition, how to train others and construct their training program...basically everything will be covered during those 12 days.

Will this certificate help me in landing a job at BeFit?

Well, yes and no! It all depends on your performance, qualification and the availability of job openings.

I don’t have any fitness background; can I still sign up?

Definitely yes! This course is made for anyone who is looking to start his/her fitness career. Most of our students had no previous experience in coaching.

What does the exam consist of?

The exam is divided on two days; a 6-hour theoretical exam and another day for the practical exam, which would only take an hour. The practical exam is basically your chance to show your coaching skills and understanding of the training movements.

What if I fail the Diploma exam?

There will be a re-examination opportunity approximately 4-6 weeks after the first exam- ination. A total of 3-4 options per year will be available. And, you get a maximum of 3 attempts to pass the exam within a 2-year period. If you still have not passed after 3 attempts, you will have to redo the entire diploma (at a reduced cost).

Do I need to pay all the course fees when repeating?

No! You will only be required to pay the exam fees.

What if I fail to complete one of the installments?

Failure to complete the installments on time might hinder you from attending the remaining diploma lectures and/or sitting for the final exams.

What about attendance?

This is a condensed course that runs from 9am to 6pm, you wouldn’t want to miss on anything.

However, if you have urgent matters you are allowed a maximum of 20 credit hours of absence, otherwise you won’t be allowed to sit for the final exam and you will be required to compensate for those missed hours during the round after.

How many hours do I need to study per week?

We recommend you spend 10/15hrs of study/week. The material requires time and effort in the weeks leading up to the exam date.

Are there any pre-requisites?

You are required to finish a First Aid/CPR course in order to receive your Diploma certificate. *not included in the course fees