Destination Anywhere!

The most personalized training program, yet.


Our Online Training Program aims to offer you a personalized training experience at your own preferred time and place.


That said, your coach will work with you, guide you, and help you reach your goals wherever you are.

Virtual coaching has never been more convenient.

What exactly is the online training service?

Online Training service is a personalized training program that is tailored according to your own goals, needs, circumstances, fitness level, and interests. The program is completed online regardless of where you'repinned on the map! Your Coach works with you on a daily basis to make sure you are getting your workout in and are following the nutrition guidelines smoothly. It does not matter what your fitness level or goal is, because the program will be personalized for you and only you. We have over 400+ clients across the globe who have been joining our OT service and have been crushing one goal after the other. If you truly commit, there is no reason why this should not work for you.

How will I receive my workouts?

  • All your workouts will be uploaded to 'True Coach' mobile application.
  • You will be required to input your results for each workout and upload videos performing the movements when needed.
  • Your coach will engage with you for tips, questions, and technique-checks through the app.
  • Update your metrics, form, speed, and weight for progress-tracking.

Is nutrition included?

Your Coach will definitely provide you with nutrition guidelines throughout your program however, all OT athletes enjoy a special rate if they want to hire a personalized Nutritionist:

  • Check out the program details here

Who will train me?

All BeFit Coaches are certified Personal Trainers and have successfully completed their AFPT Personal Training Diploma

  1. Choose the Coach of your choice
  2. Email your coach, pick your package, pay and let’s get you started!

Is this program suitable for me?

Are you always on the go?
Do you have a busy schedule?
Need flexibility with when and where to train?
Looking for a tailored program that fits your goals?
Need a coach to follow up and guide you through?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then yes, this program is for you.

Online Training
—  Coach  Hisham Nassef
"After gaining 120+ kilos, I knew coming back won’t be an easy job and definitely won’t be fun. I knew how hard I needed to work for it.
Working-out was very challenging, yet seeing the continuous changes in my physical health changed the way I feel about myself. I suffered from a back injury, but the more I got committed, the stronger I felt and eventually it all faded away. I owe it all to my Coach Hisham, for helping my challenge myself in a good healthy way. This made me a whole new person physically and mentally," Youssef Saeed.

1- Choose your coach (see the coaches)

2- Download our 'BeFit 360' app.

3- Buy your points package.

4- Email us and we'll get you started.

1 month
25 points
3 months
60 points