The highs, the lows, the cheers, the struggle, the motivation you get from training with others, and the persistence in your coach’s voice to finish one more rep! 

Eight different training classes suitable for all fitness levels (unless marked as advanced).

Pick your preferred class, prepare yourself to get hooked, and get ready to get that heart beat up!

Foundations  |  Power |  Endurance |  Circuit |  Lift |  Mobility |  Gymnastics |  The Box

Get to basics! Building your training foundation by mixing upper, lower, and core strength exercises.




  • Download our ‘BeFit 360’ mobile application.

  • Create a free account.

  • Choose the location closest to you.

  • Check the schedule.

  • Buy one of our Credit Points packages.

  • Pay online through the app or on-ground at the venue.

  • Gear up, put your Nikes on, and get ready to sweat it out!


Drop in
150 EGP
1 session
1 point

What kind of training is offered at the Group Training classes?

We offer Functional Training exercise. Simply put, Functional Training attempts to develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. Functional training helps your body to move more comfortably, makes you perform effectively in other types of training, and is ofcourse a calorie burner.

Do you have ladies only classes?

Yes! Whenever "For Her" is mentioned on schedule, this means that it is a ladies only class. Our gym at The Waterway also has a ladies hour for the indoor pool and spa.

I have never trained before, will I be able to join?

Ofcourse you can, we're here to be your starting point. We recommend you start by our 'Foundations' class till you are comfortable in moving forward to different types of classes. Foundations will teach you the basic movements, master your technique, and better your cardiovascular capacity. Make sure you introduce yourself to your Coach and let him know that this is your first class.

I'm an advanced athlete, will your classes still be effective for me?

Bring it on! Check out our schedule for 'PowerFit', 'Lift', and 'The Box' if you're up to the challenge.

Do you have any weight loss programs?

Yes! You can check out our 30 day weight loss program here if registration is open or you can hire your nutritionist and start your weight loss journey right away!