Since 2013, the whole idea of Functional Training was still new, yet our aim was clear; helping people reach their full potential no matter what their story is.

At that time, BeFit was born on a gym roof with a few health freaks  and a man with a vision; Egyptian Athlete Aly Mazhar.

Mazhar had one mission: providing people with a better quality of life through his passion; health & fitness.

He invented the wheel, revamped the concept of training in Egypt, and had us hear the word "do you train?" more often.

The industry has revolutionized since then.


Greek yogurt became a favorite, quinoa became a thing in Egypt, and Functional Training was the new Pilates.


People became aware of the effect of training on their daily lives - it started to become the norm, they found their training haven, families trained together, kids cheered on their parents, and before we know it, our first Transformation Challenge took Cairo by storm!

Demand grew, opportunities were created, and so did the market. We stretched ourselves and promised to give it our all.

We loved seeing competition joining in, for if it meant anything to us, then it is only that our mission is spreading and people are getting fitter & healthier by the day.

We have now grown into 12 venues, 50 coaches, and 35,000 athletes. A growth we are in awe of!




We've always been a family of our own; welcoming everyone joining in with a loud cheer and creating a comfort zone that gets bigger every hour at a time.


We push you towards your goals but first, we help you set ones that are realistic, exhilarating, and achievable. 

Everyone of us has come so far, so far that they know how dark your darkest spot can be so;

No judgements.

No set criteria.

No one is left out.

Only, cheers.


Mental powers unleashed.

Better persons.

We promise nothing less, and nothing else!

BeFit is more than just a happy hour; it's a lifestyle.

13 High End Facility Arenas and Gyms
35,000+ Athletes
50+ Team of Coaches
Different Types Of Classes
14 Training and Nutrition Programs
300+ Sessions Per Month


You won’t slack under their watch, you won’t quit when they are around, and you will reach your goal when you put your trust in them!

The most qualified team of coaches in town.


Want to join our team?

Time to get certified and earn the same degree our coaches hold.


Aly Mazhar

Founder & CEO

We don't live for fitness, we live through fitness.

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Nermeen Wahby

Coach & Head of Nutrition

I believe in the underlying power of your body, that you can come so far after reaching your darkest spot, and that every one of us should feel this power once.


Asser Sawaf

Head Coach

Everyone needs someone to push him through at some point of his life. I will get you there and you will not give up on my watch.


Ahmed Shama

Partner & Head Coach

There is nothing more gratifying for me than having a positive impact on someone’s life.


Bahaa Hashem

Head Coach

If you haven’t truly explored the potential of your body and mind, then you haven’t truly lived.


Seif Tamimi

Head Coach

Health should be everyone's most important matter, and my job at BeFit is to help everyone reach their desirable health goals.