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Taking the BeFit experience beyond borders!

Foundations  |  Power |  Endurance |  Circuit |  PowerFit

Get to basics! Building your training foundation by mixing upper, lower, and core strength exercises.
  • Can I buy my training package on-ground?
    Yes, you definitely can at any of our arenas in cash or by credit card.
  • Do my sessions expire?
    No! Your Functional Training Package won't expire anytime.
  • Can I cancel my group classes package?
    Unfortunately once payment is completed, the package is non-refundable as per our terms & conditions.
  • How can I split or share my group training sessions with a friend?
    You can easily send sessions to any of your friends or family members through our 'BeFit 360' app.
  • Can I refund my personal training package?
    Only if you used two sessions or less. Make sure to read BeFit's Terms & Conditions on the mobile app and/or on the application form before signing up.
  • Can I cancel my gym membership?
    Unfortunately memberships bought are non-refundable. Please check the terms and conditions before signing up!


Dubai Camp 3-02(1).png

Type 1 diabetic athlete that found passion in coaching for over 10 years.

Dubai Camp 3-03(1).png

CrossFit games athlete, and the 5th fittest in Egypt.

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